Highlights Of Google I/O 2018 Keynote

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Google I/O is a venue for Google fans and professionals to hover on and interact and it seems to be a developer conference. Just before Google keynote, Google disclosed that it is rebranding its research design into AI. Google’s this pace of progress indicates how it has progressively centered R&D on computer vision, natural language processing, and neural networks

As Google wrapped up its 2018 I/O keynote and let’s explore the highlights of it.

Google Duplex

In the keynote conference, a recording was played in which a Google Assistant calling a hair salon and makes an appointment with a hair salon employee. The most astonishing fact is that it legitimately sounded like a human and the hair salon employee could neither recognize that it was a robotic voice. Tackling with AI, Google Assistant is getting a voice-lift with a natural sounding voice by using WaveNet technology. This technology develops an assistant to comfortably speak with by emphasizing a raw audio which allows the voices to understand the human voice, syntax, and natural causes.

Google Assistant Powered Smart Displays Launches Soon

According to the Google I/O announcement, Google launches its first smart display in July. The smart display is powerfully packed with screen-touting smart speakers which becomes a definite competition to Amazon Echo Show. They also outnumber the Amazon’s Alexa powered display with the capability of playing YouTube videos.

Newfangled Google’s Virtual Assistant Voices

In addition to the default female and male voice arrived last year, Google’s virtual assistant has introduced unique 6 new voices and all of them sound natural. Now Google’s virtual assistant comprises four different female and four different male voices.

Answers To Multiple Questions

To get rid of users being tired of telling “hey google” before each request Google’s multiple actions now allow users to ask multiple questions in one go. For instance, if your request is “hey google, what is Google assistant and how to use it?”, Google can efficiently answer both the questions firmly.

Gmail Updates

Driven by AI, Google has launched an idea known to be “Smart Compose”. This feature enables users to draft emails from scratch in a swift time as it suggests phrases as you are composing email messages. Smart Compose will be rolled in the next few weeks to the new Gmail users while G Suite users will have to wait a few months.

AI Curated Google News

Google now uses AI to offer a more personalized service. It shows “briefings” by including the stories, considering the interest of the users based on the search history and also deeper view for news called “full coverage” is also introduced. You will also find multiple articles and fact checks for a particular subject from a wide range of publications to help people to get out of filter bubbles.

Google Maps Updates

On opening a camera app, an augmented version of Google map automatically loads the street view. This is achieved through a virtual positioning system which can recognize the landmarks in front of it.

Google further introduces a new shortlist feature to its Google map where users can bookmark the places they need to visit and also share the same with other people and they can cast vote for the preferred location.

Powerful Google Lens

Google has integrated the Google lens with the map app, hence Google lens can recognize and understand words. Google lens has nabbed the ability to highlight words written on a page with the camera. So, point your camera to an object it automatically converts them into a digital text.

Android Things 1.0 To Tackle Security Issues

To tackle the security issues caused due to device shipping with default username and password, Google has introduced Android Things 1.0. It’s a closed source so that developers can’t trifle with its code ahead of implementing it on their devices. It allows you to run only one app at a time. However this OS offers you pretty wide options and the first Google Assistant devices with screens from Lenovo, LG and JBL will use this OS.

Personalized Android P

Google’s update to the Android P focuses more on personalization. With Adaptive Battery the operating system itself predicts the app that won’t be used rest of the day, hence users experience a 30% reduction in CPU app wake-ups.

Google launched a new Android dashboard which notifies the users of the actions they took on the phone like what apps users have looked into, time spent on apps, times unlocked the screen etc

Based on the time and circumstance, App Actions predicts which app tasks you want to tackle.

Introducing the Adaptive Brightness feature to set the brightness automatically considering the user’s personal preferences and environment.

Google has developed a Shush feature, an app timer system which enables the users to turn on DND.

Starting with search, App Slices, an API enables developers to put parts of their app into various portions of the operating system.

Improved Auto-rotate to prevent the frustrating automatic auto-rotate, even for apps like Gmail which should always be used in portrait mode. Now, a new rotation icon will pop-up beside the navigation icons to let you choose do you really want the screen to rotate.

A new simplified media volume slider will appear on the right side of the screen with volume buttons along with a bell icon to turn the ringer on and off.

Google Photos

At present, Google photos enable users to edit the photos. With the use of AI, Google Photos will offer suggestions for editing considering the pieces of information in the picture. Users can perform editing just with a tap and users will be able to give a fantasy look for their black-and-white photos by choosing a wide spectrum of colors.

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