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Tips To Build A Successful Campaign Using Google Adwords Express

July 19, 2018 By 0 Comments

AdWords Express, the simplified version of Google AdWords facilitates small businesses to gain the accessibility of pay-per-click advertising. AdWords express is extremely beneficial for the business owners who don’t have hands-on experience in setting up advanced PPC campaigns or those who cannot afford to invest in advanced PPC campaigns. AdWord Express aids business owners who don’t require complex features to achieve the desired business goals to set up an advertising and running in just a few minutes.

Let’s dive in to explore the difference between Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express

Google Adwords Vs Google AdWords Express

Comparing to Google Adwords, Google AdWords Express has made advertising easier. In Google Adwords, you need to come across a lot of tools, and make the necessary modifications for better performance. AdWords Express requires you to just provide a brief description of your business and write an ad. Rest of the action will be taken by Google around 15 minutes per week.

How To Setup An AdWord Express?

You need to follow only a few steps to setup AdWords Express

  • Select your business category
  • Craft your ad
  • Pick your target locations
  • Finally set your daily/monthly budget

Here comes a twist, even though AdWords express is simplicity in its form, there are a lot of things which can hinder its performance when compared to Google Adwords. So to gain a complete benefit from Google AdWords Express you need to know what strategies work and what do not.

Let’s explore in brief how to get the most out of Google AdWords Express to generate a greater ROI for your business.

Highlight Your Business To Appear Unique

It is important to highlight your business in a unique way to stand ahead of your competitors. You can mention your wide range of products, offers, deals and make sure your targeted customers view it. It is obvious that users perform a search to make a buying decision and the information you render should be in such a way that it offers a solution to the user’s query.

Don’t Go For A Big Budget When You Start

Even though AdWords Express offers a simple platform, there are times when you have to be alert in monitoring the campaign’s performance. Else you may result in the spending of too many bucks as Google shows your ads for irrelevant search queries by making use of broad match keywords, automated bidding etc. To escape from spending too much, you could start from a low budget and discover where your ads perform best.

Relevant Search Phrases

Add search phrases related to your business to grab the attention of your users who searched for services related to your business. Make sure to place a call to action button to tell your customers what they can expect to do when they see your ad.

Link Google AdWords Express And Google Analytics

Majority of the business possess a Google Analytics account and it is mandatory to link your AdWords Express to the Analytics to obtain a clearer view on how profitable your PPC campaigns are. You can set campaign goals within AWE to track actions like clicks, on-site actions etc. Through this, you can effectively track the clicks on your ad through analytics and pay only if a customer clicks your ad.  

Choosing Right Keywords And Eliminate Irrelevant Ones

On selecting your business category in AWE, Google automatically displays a list of keywords, it assumes related to your business. AWE now offers an option to eliminate the suggested keywords that are relevant to your business. Hence. it is important to review and choose the most suitable business keywords and incorporate only the relevant keywords to your ad copy. This increases the probability of clicking your ad when users search for your business related queries and eliminate unwanted costs by showcasing for irrelevant keywords.

Build A Professional Ad

Fabricate a professional Ad by double checking the context, spelling grammar etc. Make sure that the mentioned promotions and products in your ad are mentioned in the site too. When users land on your site and find necessary information missing, they may leave your site without taking the actions they intended.

Set Geo-Targeting

Through geo-targeting, you can restrict the ad placements based on your target location and there also options to target global audiences in the event of expanding the business globally.

Enable Call Tracking

The increased mobile usage among the users before making a purchase, have raised the efficiency of advertising, decreasing the business class. Google has enabled a feature for business owners to track the clicks and call received. To enable this feature you have to select “Add call clicks” during ad copy creation and Google will automatically insert free call tracking numbers into your ads

Ad Scheduling

It is important to schedule your ads at the right time for the right people to come across your ads. Before scheduling your ad, it is important to learn your audience, competitors posting time etc

How To Improve Quality Score?

Even though the Quality score doesn’t play a very important role in AdWords Express, it is mandatory to create a compelling Ad in order to improve the customer experience when they arrive at your ad. Let’s look at how to improve the quality score

  • Relevant landing pages with proper call-to-action
  • Craft attractive ad copy to yield a greater CTR
  • Improvise your on-site user experience

When To Use AdWords?

Make sure that you don’t use the AdWords Express and AdWords at the same time as you end up entering the same auction for the same search query at the same time increasing your budget. Even though AdWords express can be set up with a small budget in less time, it surely misses out the advanced features of AdWords.

AdWords Express can be used by a small business or during the initial stage of the business where the budget is low and when you cannot spend too much time and resources in it. AdWords Express is a profitable platform for small business and as a business grows, you can switch on to AdWords.

Are you an owner of a small business or your business is at the initial stage? Try setting up Google AdWords Express to reap the business benefits. If you require any assistance in the set up feel free to contact us. We are a leading digital marketing agency in Trivandrum holding a proven expertise in setting up a successful Google AdWords Express and AdWords campaign.

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